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It contributes to better cell function and thus reduces the risk of illness

It is a natural means of improving human health and vitality

It has provable beneficial effects on the entire human organism

What You May Not Know about Seawater Composition

Seawater has a number of beneficial effects on the human organism, because it contains a complete range of organic, freely soluble minerals and trace elements in precise mutual proportions, similar to blood plasma. Its pH (up to 8.4) increases the alkalinity of the organism. Thanks to its unique composition, seawater finds a vast range of uses as a natural means of nourishing and regenerating cells, supporting immunity and strengthening human health and vitality in general.

Today, there is a whole range of scientific studies devoted to researching the effects of seawater on the human body. The greatest contribution to our knowledge of seawater and its therapeutic uses was probably made by French scientist René Quinton, who discovered that the cells in our body need a balanced and alkaline environment to function correctly and prevent their degeneration.

Mořská voda je počátkem života na zemi a svým složením je velmi podobná krevní plazmě

Thanks to a composition similar to blood plasma, seawater creates an ideal environment in the body.

Discover the Unique Composition of Seawater

The Spanish foundation Fundación Aquamaris is devoted to supporting research into the therapeutic and nutritional effects of seawater and communicating these findings to the public. In the following graphic, you can see a detailed comparison of the presence of individual elements of the periodical table in our bodies and in seawater.

Složení mořské vody

As follows from the table of elements, seawater is not just water (H2O) with refined kitchen salt (NaCl), but instead contains a vast share of the elements in the periodical table. Table Legend: The brighter the background color of the given element, the greater its content in seawater. Left-hand Legend: Seawater in ppm = particles per million. Right-hand legend: Indicates the percentage share of elements in the human body.


Wholesome Effects of Seawater

Replenishes minerals in the body

The precious mineral substances contained in seawater have a positive effect on health, restore vitality to the body and thus improve your quality of life.

Has regenerative effects

 Seawater supplies the body with minerals and increases the alkalinity of the body’s environment, which is essential for the correct functioning of the organism.

Regulates pH

Thanks to its unique composition, seawater helps maintain an optimal pH in the body and contributes to its hydration.

Strengthens immunity

Thanks to the high content of minerals and natural antibiotics, seawater improves the body's resistance to infections and helps to heal wounds.

Improves digestion

Increases saliva production and the secretion of gastric enzymes.

Strengthens bones

The alkaline environment created by seawater improves bone health.

Great protection against stress

The large quantity of inter-related minerals has a positive effect on mental health and protects against stress.

Skin care

Certain mineral substances contained in seawater, such as sulfur and zinc, give the skin softness and glow. They also help to treat eczema and acne.


What uses and benefits does seawater have?

Improved Health through Regular Use

Did you know that you can drink treated seawater regularly? You can use micro-filtered and isotonic (i.e. diluted) seawater regularly to provide your body with the full range of positive effects of this natural product as well as necessary hydration.

Zlepšení zdraví díky pravidelnému užívání mořské vody

Improve the Taste of Your Meals

You can also use seawater in the kitchen like a number of famous chefs from around the world. The large number of elements will improve the taste of your dishes, and add new, subtle flavors that ordinary salt (NaCl) cannot provide. 
Visit our blog, where we have posted recipes that you can use to start experimenting in the kitchen.

Zlepšete chuť vašich pokrmů díky složení mořské vody

Help for Stuffy Noses


Seawater spray helps people who suffer from chronic colds. It helps soothe the irritated mucous membranes, dissolves phlegm and significantly eases nose-blowing. Its high pH helps prevent bacteria and viruses from multiplying.

Isotonic seawater spray is even suitable for infants who do not know how to blow their nose yet.


Izotonická mořská voda ve spreji

Replenish Minerals during Exercise

The use of seawater during sports gives your body the necessary liquids and a number of minerals, similar to ion drinks. This eases the subsequent regeneration of the organism.

Složení mořské vody je ideální pro doplnění minerálů při sportu

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Discover the beneficial effects of sea water
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