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We obtain our water while maintaining maximum respect for nature in Cabo de Gata National Park in southern Spain, in the province of Almeria. This is a unique, strictly protected piece of nature, where the strength of the sea meets in a rare symbiosis with the wilderness of the desert.

Alboran Sea contains a whole range of minerals substances thanks to volcanic activity. Ocean currents from the Atlantic bring life-giving water to this rich mineral cocktail. Due to these ocean currents, this area sees a phenomenon called upwelling (when strong currents of hot water rise to the upper cold layers), which leads to the dissolving of minerals in the seawater. 

This is why the seawater that we distribute is naturally richer in all minerals, trace elements and other enriching substances. The concentration of magnesium and calcium is particularly high (the mineral concentration reaches 12-17%). No seawater from any other area has a similar mineral content, making our water unique.

The location where our seawater is collected is 1,300 m from the shore at a depth of 38 m. The intake mechanism is located 6 m above the bottom of the sea.

How does filtration work?


The water is pumped from the depths of the sea to the processing plant, where it is first left to settle in large underground tanks.

first filtration

Filtration is performed by natural decanting, during which the water is left to settle for several days in an underground tank, so that potential particles of sand and seaweed drop to the bottom.

second filtration

The seawater is pumped into a second cycle of cold micro-filtration performed using a system of diatomite filters.

third filtration

The water is injected into a system of cellulose filters with decreasing porousness, able to trap particles as small as 1 micrometer.


After the first cycle of filtration, the water is transported in cistern trucks to the bottling plant in Jaén.

fourth filtration

The water passes through an ultraviolet sieve and micro-filters with varying degrees of porousness, capable of trapping impurities as small as 0.2 micrometers.

The water we sell is not heat- or chemically-treated.

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