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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How can seawater help me?

Seawater contains most of the elements in the periodic table (all 78 minerals and trace elements), vitamins, carotenoids, fatty acids, polypeptides, organic acids, enzymes, polysaccharides, polyphenols, chlorophyll, natural antibiotics and antifungals.

Thanks to its unique composition, seawater finds a vast range of uses as a natural means of nourishing and regenerating cells, supporting immunity, and strengthening human health and vitality in general.

Where do we get our seawater?

We obtain our water while maintaining maximum respect for nature in Cabo de Gata National Park in southern Spain, in the province of Almeria. This is a unique, strictly protected piece of nature, where the strength of the sea meets in a rare symbiosis with the wilderness of the desert.

Why is it important to filter seawater?

Every year millions of tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean, while we wait in vain for legislation that would regulate this practice. We are well aware of how important it is to care for the purity of water sources. We must ensure the absolute soundness of the water that we drink. Therefore, we put great emphasis on proper filtration during its packaging.

What uses does seawater have?

You can drink micro-filtered and isotonic (i.e. diluted) seawater regularly to provide your body with the full range of positive effects of this natural product, as well as necessary hydration.
You can also use seawater in the kitchen like a number of famous chefs from around the world.
Seawater spray helps people who suffer from chronic colds.
The use of seawater (sometimes also called filtered sea plasma) will give your body the necessary liquids and a number of minerals, trace elements and other enriching substances, similarly to ion drinks.

What is the difference between sea salt and refined kitchen salt?

If you start using seawater as a basic ingredient when cooking meals, the trace elements contained in it will be easier to absorb due to their natural character. The body will eliminate any excess quantity without difficulty. Seawater thus contributes to the better use of minerals in our body.
On the contrary, refined kitchen salt consists almost entirely of sodium chloride, and its use puts an excessive burden on the organism. Excess salt as unused waste settles in various parts of the body.

How long should I use seawater?

We recommend using seawater all your life. Only thus can it become your strongest ally in fighting off various diseases and a means of enjoying good health. Seawater is an essential element in natural and preventive medicine.

How does seawater help athletes?

The 78 organic minerals contained in seawater help to instantly replenish natural minerals (electrolytes) that your body loses during physical exertion. This makes seawater MarSport ideal for athletes who want to improve their performance.

Is seawater affordable for everybody?

We offer affordable packaging for everybody, and packaging for those who prefer convenience over price.

Why drink seawater?

Seawater has a number of beneficial effects on the human organism, because it contains a complete range of organic, freely soluble minerals, trace elements and other enriching substances in precise mutual proportions, similar to blood plasma. Its pH (up to 8.4) increases the alkalinity of the organism. Thanks to these characteristics, seawater finds a vast range of uses as a natural means of nourishing and regenerating cells and supporting immunity, as well as strengthening human health and vitality in general.

Why use seawater for cooking?

Seawater emphasizes the natural flavor of the ingredients that we use, and adds extra minerals, trace elements and other enriching substances to dishes, which the organism otherwise has difficulty obtaining from food. Moreover, meals prepared with seawater have an exceptional texture, and their flavor is more subtle and refined. However, the most important fact is that the use of seawater can entirely replace the use of refined kitchen salt, which causes numerous health problems.

What is the correct dose of seawater?

When drinking seawater, it is necessary to realize that it is 4 times saltier than our organism. Hence, we can use it in its pure form (hypertonic) only in small quantities, which cannot cause dehydration, or make it isotonic by diluting it with fresh water at a ratio of 3:1 (25% SW and 75% FW), thus achieving the same salinity as our organism (9 g salt / 1 l).
Dilute 250 ml of seawater with 750 ml of drinking water every day. You can divide the dose into several portions per day.

Discover the beneficial effects of sea water
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