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Forte Seawater Spray 70 ml

Micro-filtered hypertonic (undiluted) seawater obtained in Cabo de Gata National Park in a spray bottle. Thanks to 78 minerals, it has unique properties for the human body. Practical 70 ml packaging that can be refilled repeatedly. Thanks to our most affordable 2 l bottle of undiluted seawater, you will always have our spray on hand.

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frequently asked questions Why use seawater?

Why choose our spray?

  • We obtain our seawater while maintaining maximum respect for nature in Cabo de Gata National Park.
  • Unlike other sprays from the pharmacy, ours micro-filtered seawater does not contain any additives and is uncontaminated.
  • The bottle can be refilled and thus helps to conserve nature.

Tips for Using Seawater Spray

Stop colds with help from nature. FORTE seawater spray without chemical additives and aerosol. The high pH of 8.4 and antibiotic effects of seawater prevent pathogens from multiplying, while the minerals revive the cells to regenerate more easily. The reusable packaging is also nature-friendly - you can refill the bottle repeatedly. If you suffer from a highly irritated mucous membrane, we recommend diluting the seawater with fresh water. Its use is also recommended for chronic symptoms, because seawater does not dry out the mucous membrane. And the composition? 100% seawater - 100% natural.


Why use seawater?

Seawater has a number of beneficial effects on the human organism, because it contains a complete range of organic, freely soluble minerals and trace elements in precise mutual proportions, similar to blood plasma. Its pH (up to 8.4) increases the alkalinity of the organism. Thanks to these characteristics, seawater finds a vast range of uses as a natural means of nourishing and regenerating cells, as well as strengthening human health and vitality in general.


78+ minerals
From pristine nature
No additives
Proven over 4 billion years

effects of seawater

Benefits health, restores vitality to the body and improves quality of life.

Cares for the skin, giving it softness and glow. Also helps to treat eczema and acne.

Helps naturally replenish organic minerals and balances the body’s pH.

Contains a complete range of mineral salts and marine probiotics.

Strengthens immunity and improves the body’s resistance to infections.

Improves digestion. Increases saliva production and the secretion of gastric enzymes.

Discover positive effects of seawater
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