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Nose and Sinus Kit

Affordable family pack. The set includes a refillable mild isotonic nasal spray, a refillable strong hypertonic nasal spray, a 2L pack of Agua de Mar microfiltered seawater for refilling and a Rhino Horn jug for rinsing the nose and relaxing the sinuses. 100% natural, without additives. Contains 78 unique minerals. Suitable for adults, children from 6 years old, pregnant and lactating women.

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Frequently Asked Questions Why use sea water?

Why choose our kit? What does the kit include?
- 2l pack of Aqua de Mar seawater (pure microfiltered seawater intended for dilution)
- 1x refill fine isotonic mechanical nebulizer
- 1x additional strong hypertonic mechanical nebulizer
- 1x Rhino Horn teapot for flushing and loosening cavities

What is the effect of sea water on the human body?
- Mucous membrane support - maintains proper moisture on the mucous membranes, helps to regenerate and strengthens them
their immunity. It relaxes the nasal passages and works as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant.
- External use - Aqua de Mar sea water will also be used to soothe irritated skin, against
children's welts, for faster wound healing and as artificial tears for irritated eyes.
- Easy handling – anyone can use sprays, kettles and refill them. Even a small child. At
diluting 1 part of sea water and 3 parts of fresh water, we get 8 liters of isotonic, soft
- Ecological packaging - the spray bottle can be refilled repeatedly and thus saves nature. In addition
our price for 1 ml seawater Forte is more favorable than other sprays.

Why do you need a Rhino Horn teapot?
- Easy and gentle rinsing - using the Rhino Hor nasal rinse is gentle and gently removes mucus, dust and other particles from the nasal area.

Tips for using seawater spray
Support your body with the power of nature. Seawater sprays are free of added chemical additives and
aerosol. The high pH of 8.4 and the antibiotic effects of seawater prevent the growth of pathogens and minerals
they nourish the cells, which then regenerate more easily. The reusable packaging is also in harmony with nature -
you can always refill the bottle. If you suffer from severely irritated mucous membranes, sea water
we recommend slightly diluting the sweet. Use is also suitable for chronic problems, because sea
water does not dry out the mucous membrane. And the composition? 100% sea water = 100% nature.

Why use sea water?
Sea water brings a number of beneficial effects to the human body, as it contains all of them
organic, freely dissolved minerals and trace elements in mutually exact proportions, similar
as in blood plasma. Its pH (up to 8.4) increases the alkalinity in the body. Thanks to these properties, it finds
sea ​​water is widely used as a natural means of nutrition and regeneration of cells and overall
strengthening human health and vitality.

+78 minerals
from pure nature
without additives
proven by 4 billion years

Effects of sea water

It has a positive effect on health, restores vitality to the body and increases the quality of our life.

It cares for the skin, gives it softness and shine. It also helps in the treatment of eczema and acne.

It helps the natural replenishment of organic minerals and balances the body's pH.

Contains all mineral salts and marine probiotics.

It strengthens immunity and increases the body's defense against infections.

Improves digestion. It increases the production of saliva and the secretion of gastric enzymes.

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Discover the beneficial effects of sea water
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