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MarAqua Seawater for Cooking 2 l Bag in Box

Micro-filtered hypertonic (undiluted) seawater obtained in Cabo de Gata National Park in practical packaging for use in the kitchen. Thanks to 78 minerals, it gives your meals a more vibrant flavor than ordinary refined salt.

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Frequently Asked Questions Why use sea water?


With the exception of persons with a limited number of specific ailments, it is recommended that you dilute it with fresh water at a ratio of 1:3. You will thus obtain 1 liter of isotonic seawater, which is equal to one daily dose. Can be served with natural lemon juice, if desired.
Recommended Daily Dose: 1 l at a ratio of 1:3 (1 part seawater, 3 parts fresh water).
When cooking, we use seawater as “liquid salt” and add as much as desired.

Why use seawater for cooking?

Seawater emphasizes the natural flavor of the ingredients that we use, and adds extra minerals, trace elements and other enriching substances to dishes, which the organism otherwise has difficulty obtaining from food. Moreover, meals prepared with seawater have an exceptional texture, and their flavor is more subtle and refined. However, the most important fact is that the use of seawater can entirely replace the use of refined kitchen salt, which causes numerous health problems.

Why use seawater? 

Seawater has a number of beneficial effects on the human organism, because it contains a complete range of organic, freely soluble minerals and trace elements in precise mutual proportions, similar to blood plasma. Its pH (up to 8.4) increases the alkalinity of the organism. Thanks to these characteristics, seawater finds a vast range of uses as a natural means of nourishing and regenerating cells, as well as strengthening human health and vitality in general.


+78 minerals
from pure nature
without additives
proven by 4 billion years

Effects of sea water

It has a positive effect on health, restores vitality to the body and increases the quality of our life.

It cares for the skin, gives it softness and shine. It also helps in the treatment of eczema and acne.

It helps the natural replenishment of organic minerals and balances the body's pH.

Contains all mineral salts and marine probiotics.

It strengthens immunity and increases the body's defense against infections.

Improves digestion. It increases the production of saliva and the secretion of gastric enzymes.

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Discover the beneficial effects of sea water
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