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About us

We want to bring you health from the sea

That’s why we founded “Bohémar” - to bring the sea to Czechia...

In Spain, where we spend most of the year, micro-filtered seawater is a commonly available and very popular product, due to its health benefits. Since becoming familiar with its uses and effects, it has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

In the past, we had difficulty finding ways to bring a sufficient supply of seawater for the several months that we spend in the Czech Republic every year. Naturally, we also recommended seawater to our friends and family living in the Czech Republic. Because their interest grew, the idea was born to import micro-filtered seawater to Czechia in sufficient quantities, and to thus offer a more affordable alternative to overpriced ampules from local pharmacies.

The sea for those who don't have it within reach.

Hence, our story is fairly simple. A mere dream gradually became reality, and we are moving forward in small steps. We are grateful to the kindness and professionalism of the people helping us with the project and making our dream come true. We believe that seawater offers much that is good for every human, and our start-up still has a long path ahead.

Discover positive effects of seawater
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